Marquis Studios is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing arts-­in­‐education services to 150 New York City public schools annually. We strive to develop a strong partnership between artists and teachers by providing arts programs to supplement traditional classroom teaching techniques. Each residency or workshop focuses on a specific visual or performing arts discipline selected by school staff and administration.

Founded in 1977, Marquis Studios has served over 460,000 students, 26,000 teachers and 15,000 parents at schools throughout New York City. Working with a diverse population, 80% of programs serve students living at or below the poverty line with over 50% of all grant-funded programming serving classrooms containing with disabilities.

Marquis Studios Offers:

  • Core curriculum programming consisting of ten-­week arts residencies taught by our staff of trained Teaching Artists.
  • A full spectrum of arts residencies that encourage student exploration of visual arts, theatre, music, dance architecture, circus arts and puppetry.
  • Custom designed programs to meet the educational goals set by the school through collaboration with Marquis Studios and classroom teachers.
  • Programs that address New York State Learning Standards, both in the arts and academic areas.
  • Professional development for classroom teachers to provide arts education techniques and concepts that can be brought back to the classroom.
  • Parent/Child Workshops that help parents understand the connection between arts and academics while providing a fun, hands­‐on experience parents and children can share.


Marquis Studios employs 83 professional teaching artists whom specialize in a variety of disciplines. If you are interested in becoming a Teaching Artist visit our careers page.

  • Aurelio del Muro

    Aurelio del Muro is a visual artist, amateur cello player, and an educator. He began his art studies with sculptor Tom Doyle in 1983 in Queens College, CUNY. Soon after, he continued his art studies at the Art Students League of New York. For many years he was a studio assistant to New York sculptor Philip Pavia. In 2004, he was awarded The McDowell Travel Grant for Sculpture. He’s had solo shows in 1994 at the Mexican Consulate, The White Box Gallery in Philadelphia (now in New York) in 1998 and most recently in November 2006, at the Art Students League. He has taught sculpture and stone carving at the Educational Alliance since 1998 and also teaches drawing to a home schooling group. Being an amateur Cello player, he also incorporates music and poetry into his teaching. In the past he has also worked as a counselor and a social worker. Aurelio has been a Marquis Studios teaching artist since 2007.


  • Karla Myerston

    Karla Myerston was born in Merida, Venezuela where she started her dance training; later moved to Caracas where she earned a degree in Performing Arts from Central University of Venezuela. Karla has trained extensively with Diana Penalver and Felicia Canetti at the Venezuelan National Theater Company and with Luz Urdaneta, Adriana Urdaneta and Jacques Broquet at Danza Hoy. As she comes from the world of dance and physical theater, Karla has also studied internationally with Roberta Carreri and Eugenio Barba from the Odin Teatret; Pablo Veron, Guillermina Quiroga, Carlos Copello, El Teatro de Los Sentidos; Fernando Suels & Jorge Puerta from Tanz Theater Wuppertal among others. Since her arrival to the United States, Karla has performed with different directors and choreographers including Mariangela Lopez, Ursula Nemethus and Karina Romero. Karla also has a big passion for teaching and is thankful for the children she has worked with as they have been the driving force behind her growth as a Teaching Artist. Karla also teaches ballroom dancing at Dancing Classrooms. She has been a Marquis Studios teaching artist since 2014.



  • Alexandra Neuber

    Alexandra says that she has found her experiences as an teacher much more meaningful and rewarding than her twenty-five years of commercial photography work. After accumulating extensive knowledge and experience, she feels it is time to help nurture new generations of artists and photographers. Watching children find their artistic voice and greater self-assurance in the art classes that Alexandra has taught in recent years has been especially wonderful. In the past few years she has taught art to street children aged 5 to 15 in Quito, Ecuador, and to kindergarten through fourth grade students in after-school programs at Castle Bridge Elementary School (P.S. 513) in Manhattan (see, for example, results from her “Giving Life to Your Drawings”) and at Hillside Elementary School in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York (see photo class). In November 2016 Alexandra ran a children’s art workshop at the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. Her experience as a photographer includes shooting fine arts, architecture, fashion and still life, as well as concerts, corporate meetings, political fundraisers, parades and celebrity parties. Alexandra’s work has appeared in major magazines and she has had many individual and group exhibitions over the years.