Marquis Studios is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing arts-­in­‐education services to 150 New York City public schools annually. We strive to develop a strong partnership between artists and teachers by providing arts programs to supplement traditional classroom teaching techniques. Each residency or workshop focuses on a specific visual or performing arts discipline selected by school staff and administration.

Founded in 1977, Marquis Studios has served over 460,000 students, 26,000 teachers and 15,000 parents at schools throughout New York City. Working with a diverse population, 80% of programs serve students living at or below the poverty line with over 50% of all grant-funded programming serving classrooms containing with disabilities.

Marquis Studios Offers:

  • Core curriculum programming consisting of ten-­week arts residencies taught by our staff of trained Teaching Artists.
  • A full spectrum of arts residencies that encourage student exploration of visual arts, theatre, music, dance architecture, circus arts and puppetry.
  • Custom designed programs to meet the educational goals set by the school through collaboration with Marquis Studios and classroom teachers.
  • Programs that address New York State Learning Standards, both in the arts and academic areas.
  • Professional development for classroom teachers to provide arts education techniques and concepts that can be brought back to the classroom.
  • Parent/Child Workshops that help parents understand the connection between arts and academics while providing a fun, hands­‐on experience parents and children can share.


Marquis Studios administrative staff is comprised of thirteen employees with occasional help from interns and volunteers.

  • Jenn Anne Williams

    Education Liaison

    Jenn Anne Williams is ecstatic to be an Education Liaison with Marquis Studios!  As an artist, educator, and administrator, Jenn brings over 10 years of experience implementing high-quality, interdisciplinary art programs. With a strong belief that all youths deserve equitable access to the arts, Jenn has developed inclusive programs, published curriculum guides, and trained educators in how to use the arts as a tool for understanding, development, and social change with non-profit organizations like the Foundation for Sustainable Development, Children’s Museum of the Arts, Center for Urban Pedagogy, and IntegrateNYC; in addition to over 100 New York City public schools and community based organizations. Jenn earned a BA in Studio Art from Hanover College, a MA in Art Therapy, Education, and Community Practice from New York University, and recently became certified in Program Evaluation for Youth Wellbeing from York University. Outside of arts advocacy, you can find Jenn riding her bike all across New York City or testing out a new recipe in her kitchen.