Marquis Studios arts‐in­‐education services are an ideal way to bring the arts into classrooms and after school programs while also serving as professional development for staff. Each program is focused on a specific art discipline selected after consultation with client staff. A team of senior management and Teaching Artists design all programs to integrate the arts with instruction in academic subjects by utilizing the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts and Common Core Standards. Programs are adapted and customized to the appropriate age level and are available for grades K‐12.


District 75 programming is customized for a variety of ages and developmental levels.

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  • Printmaking

    This course explores a two-step process that is used to create an artistic product called a Print – first the production of the original, followed by the reproduction through printmaking. Students observe and explore the cause-effect methodology of this process. They explore sensory aspects of art materials used to create the originals and prints, make decisions about shape, line and color as they transfer their designs to the print surface. They are introduced to a number of printmaker’s tools and related vocabulary. Students use a repeated process, and observe the differences in results, based on different choices they make in materials and process. They mount finished prints, and show artwork to their classmates. * This course can be adapted to all Special Education populations, based on the many sensory aspects of the process of printmaking. * Promotes sensory-­‐motor exploration, decision-making and fine motor skills.

  • Sculpture

    In this course, students are introduced to the concept of building as artwork and creative expression. Using art materials such as wood, cardboard, foam core, clay, tubes, corks, fabric, paper, Styrofoam, tape and glue, students explore what happens when they attach things to one another. They problem solve as they deal with height, balance, and utilization of space in the structures they make. Student’s work in varying scales, and work individually as well as in groups.

    * This course is appropriate to all Special Education populations.

    * Promotes social skills, frustration tolerance, problem solving and fine motor skills.

  • Yoga

    Relaxation, stretching and strengthening techniques allow students, teachers and para-professionals to gently focus the mind while increasing multi-sensory awareness of self and others. In this residency, students gain strength, flexibility, clarity of mind, and sensitivity to themselves and to their environment. Through practicing adapted physical postures, breathing and vocal techniques, which stem from the yogic tradition, students learn to calm down and listen. Many postures are based on animal movements, and are easily integrated with science curricula, to the delight of students of all ages. Calm music and visual aids, along with lowered lighting and gentle, tactile prompting enhance the students’ experiences and allow them to release unnecessary tension and anxiety. Some exercises are more vigorous, allowing students to access and express feelings in a safe and controlled setting, while increasing emotional awareness – a vital developmental skill for many District 75 students. Students of all functioning levels develop a variety of basic locomotor (traveling through space) and non-locomotor (moving in place) movements. Gross and fine motor skills are increased as the student creatively explores movement as it pertains to his or her own body, those of others, and their surroundings. Through partnering in specific activities and creating a classroom environment that encourages positive group/peer interactions, the class develops coordination, body awareness, and new ways to be in contact with others.

    * Experienced Teaching Artists (TAs) adapt yoga and related material according to the physical and cognitive functioning levels of each class. Teachers and para-professionals work in close collaboration with TAs, assisting and guiding students through activities when necessary.

    * Students of all levels of physical, emotional, and developmental ability increase gross and fine motor skills while experiencing relaxation, stretching and strengthening techniques, which allow the mind to gently focus on multi-sensory awareness of the self and others.

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