Marquis Studios arts‐in­‐education services are an ideal way to bring the arts into classrooms and after school programs while also serving as professional development for staff. Each program is focused on a specific art discipline selected after consultation with client staff. A team of senior management and Teaching Artists design all programs to integrate the arts with instruction in academic subjects by utilizing the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts and Common Core Standards. Programs are adapted and customized to the appropriate age level and are available for grades K‐12.



After School Programs include:

  • Pre‐planning session to identify curricular goals, common core standards, create lesson plans and set afterschool scheduling.
  • Ten days of instruction (Two 1‐hour long class periods serving up to 30 students or a single 2-hour class each day)by a trained Teaching Artist.
  • All required art supplies and travel expenses for the Teaching Artist.
  • Program oversight by Marquis Studios staff who examine and approve all lesson plans, track Teaching Artist attendance and generally oversee the smooth delivery of services.
  • Professional development of classroom teachers through use co-teaching models.
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  • Be Well Movement: How Does My Body Work

    How does the heart pump blood in our bodies? Through creative movement, dance, and yoga students explore the design and function of the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, and respiratory systems. Classes consider how these systems work individually and together to make our bodies work. They learn the importance of healthy eating and exercise and how to care for their bodies.

  • Bookmaking

    Bookmaking has the power to motivate even the most reluctant readers and writers. It increases their self-esteem as well as their ability to organize and apply their thoughts. Watch your students explore various ways that images and texts make a story come alive. These young artists fold, cut, measure, align and paste their colorful literary texts to create accordion and pop-up books.

    * This program makes a connection to the curriculum in Social Studies and Literacy.

  • Circus Arts

    Can you juggle or spin a plate? This fun residency brings to life techniques of clowning and physical comedy. It promotes physical education, gross motor skills and improved hand/eye coordination as well as skills such as tumbling, comedy and improvisation. Students learn the different types of clown character (bossy clown, sad clown, silly clown) and develop their own individual clown characters. The program promotes freedom of expression and creativity. Families and students laugh with delight at the excitement and enthusiasm of the clowns at the final performance.

    * This program makes a connection to the curriculum in Literacy and Physical Education.

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