Marquis Studios arts‐in­‐education services are an ideal way to bring the arts into classrooms and after school programs while also serving as professional development for staff. Each program is focused on a specific art discipline selected after consultation with client staff. A team of senior management and Teaching Artists design all programs to integrate the arts with instruction in academic subjects by utilizing the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts and Common Core Standards. Programs are adapted and customized to the appropriate age level and are available for grades K‐12.



After School Programs include:

  • Pre‐planning session to identify curricular goals, common core standards, create lesson plans and set afterschool scheduling.
  • Ten days of instruction (Two 1‐hour long class periods serving up to 30 students or a single 2-hour class each day)by a trained Teaching Artist.
  • All required art supplies and travel expenses for the Teaching Artist.
  • Program oversight by Marquis Studios staff who examine and approve all lesson plans, track Teaching Artist attendance and generally oversee the smooth delivery of services.
  • Professional development of classroom teachers through use co-teaching models.
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  • Chorus

    The joy of singing songs brings self-confidence and expressiveness to your students. The repertoire includes folk music, pop music, songs from around the world, (some in different languages) and a few seasonal songs all of which have positive messages. Classes learn the basics of rhythm, melody, harmony, breathing and how to be part of an ensemble. The goal is to have everyone participate in a fun activity and show how singing music is a positive group experience.

  • Collage

    Create a landscape with clouds of cotton balls, rivers of string and leaves made from buttons. Paste on paper and you’ve made a collage! Your design depends on the relationships between the shape, edge, size and placement of each piece. Students examine photomontage, assemblage and found-material works of art by the Cubists and other contemporary artists and create their own collages.

    * This program makes a connection to the curriculum in Social Studies and Literacy.

  • Creative Movement

    How does a fish swim in a stream or birds fly in the sky or snakes slither in the sand? Children explore ways of expression as they learn to control their bodies and movements as well as develop their large motor skills, spatial awareness and rhythm. They build their movement vocabulary by discovering varying levels of height and speed. Creative movement fosters skills in creativity, cooperation, brainstorming, problem solving and self-esteem.

    * The program usually ends with a shared performance.

    * This program makes a connection to the curriculum in Physical Education.

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