Marquis Studios arts‐in­‐education services are an ideal way to bring the arts into classrooms and after school programs while also serving as professional development for staff. Each program is focused on a specific art discipline selected after consultation with client staff. A team of senior management and Teaching Artists design all programs to integrate the arts with instruction in academic subjects by utilizing the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts and Common Core Standards. Programs are adapted and customized to the appropriate age level and are available for grades K‐12.



After School Programs include:

  • Pre‐planning session to identify curricular goals, common core standards, create lesson plans and set afterschool scheduling.
  • Ten days of instruction (Two 1‐hour long class periods serving up to 30 students or a single 2-hour class each day)by a trained Teaching Artist.
  • All required art supplies and travel expenses for the Teaching Artist.
  • Program oversight by Marquis Studios staff who examine and approve all lesson plans, track Teaching Artist attendance and generally oversee the smooth delivery of services.
  • Professional development of classroom teachers through use co-teaching models.
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  • Music and Rhythm

    Making music allows your students to have fun while they learn the basics of rhythm, tempo, melody and pitch. Using percussive instruments and their bodies, hands, feet and breath students explore the various qualities of music. They learn the basics like knowing when to stop and start, how to handle the instruments before, during, and after playing and how to watch and follow the conductor. Watch the excitement grow as the class collaborates to write songs and perform them as a group.

    * The program usually ends with a shared performance.

    * This program makes a connection to the curriculum in Social Studies and both Music and English Language Literacy.


    Oil pastels, watercolor, tempera and acrylic paint all create different effects in a work of art. Students learn how to mix, blend, layer and apply paint through the use of brushes and other tools. Through these methods and tools, students broaden their visual vocabulary and learn a new way to express themselves.

  • Paper Sculpture

    This residency introduces the student to paper as a sculptural form, able to be manipulated to create functional and aesthetic three­-dimensional objects. Through folding, curling, bending and scoring, students create chairs, tables, buildings, faces, flowers and abstracts shapes. Using a variety of techniques for building and joining, the class creates low‐rise and high­‐relief 3D sculpture.

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