Marquis Studios arts‐in­‐education services are an ideal way to bring the arts into classrooms and after school programs while also serving as professional development for staff. Each program is focused on a specific art discipline selected after consultation with client staff. A team of senior management and Teaching Artists design all programs to integrate the arts with instruction in academic subjects by utilizing the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts and Common Core Standards. Programs are adapted and customized to the appropriate age level and are available for grades K‐12.



After School Programs include:

  • Pre‐planning session to identify curricular goals, common core standards, create lesson plans and set afterschool scheduling.
  • Ten days of instruction (Two 1‐hour long class periods serving up to 30 students or a single 2-hour class each day)by a trained Teaching Artist.
  • All required art supplies and travel expenses for the Teaching Artist.
  • Program oversight by Marquis Studios staff who examine and approve all lesson plans, track Teaching Artist attendance and generally oversee the smooth delivery of services.
  • Professional development of classroom teachers through use co-teaching models.
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  • Project Respect

    Respect is important to all people across all cultures. In this residency, teaching artists adapt a curriculum theme that raises awareness of diversity and encourages behaviors that don’t just “tolerate” difference, but celebrate it! Students practice physical and verbal communication skills and compare and contrast what messages movements and words can convey. They understand how changing a sequence of movements or dialogue alters social interactions from negative to positive.

  • Puppetry

    See the smile on your students’ faces as they create their own papier-mâché puppets to use in an original performance. They design, sculpt and paint their puppets in order to create distinct, recognizable characters that come alive through costumes, props, shapes of features and expressions. The class writes a script and begins the puppet show production. In the rehearsal and performance process, the class is encouraged to build vocal projection and theater skills.

    * Performances will be given for parents as well as peers in the classroom.

    * This program makes a connection to the curriculum in Literacy.

  • Sculpture

    Watch your classroom buzz with energy as your students work with a variety of materials to construct three-dimensional sculptures. By assembling found objects such as wire, cardboard, Popsicle sticks and papier-mâché, students learn about balance, proportion and the relationship of form, volume and shape. They can also sculpt by folding, bending, curling and scoring paper to make flowers or abstract shape.

    Please note: This residency does not use clay.

    * This program makes a connection to the curriculum in Cultural Literacy.

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