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Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith Visits Laser Painting Program at PS 138M@JH47

On June 7, 2017, Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith, Founder of VSA, a program on the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. visited the Laser Painting Program at PS 138M@JH47.


The Laser Painting Program provides one-on-one arts experiences for students with limited mobility. The Ambassador joined one of our laser painting students for her session with the laser painting facilitator, Deborah Dawson. During the studio session, the student and the Ambassador collaborated to select the paint color and brush size. The student used an assistive device or a laser pointer attached to her head to make those decisions and to direct the facilitators paint strokes.


Through this program, student artists gain a better understanding of the qualities and effects of the paint and art materials used by the facilitator. Over the course of the year students become more comfortable in the studio setting and expand their range of techniques for direction the painting process. The Laser Painting Program provides students a creative outlet for self-expression on a large scale, building self-esteem and inspiring a sense of joy and accomplishment for their achievement.


A BIG thanks to Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith for taking a special interest in the Laser Painting Program and The NYE DOE Office of Arts and Special Projects for awarding PS138M@JH47 an ELL/SWD grant to fund this residency. Thanks to Principal Gregg Soulette,  Assistant Principal Karen Berger and Facilitating Artist, Deborah Dawson for all you do!