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Program Evaluation: pARTnership Program

During the 2011-12 school year we began a two-year evaluation of the Marquis Studios pARTnership Program. We are investigating four overall dimensions: (1) the potential impact of the program on students, in areas such as arts skills, related academic skills, and social and personal development; (2) the potential impact of the program on classroom and teacher practice; (3) the characteristics of program implementation that can contribute to program impact; and (4) the effectiveness of program implementation. Data collection methods included: (1) observation of Marquis Studios classes (n = 17), (2) teacher surveys (n = 37), and (3) teaching artist interviews (n = 4).

During observations, researchers noted characteristics of instruction and partnership, and documented student behaviors that could indicate program impact. Interviews were digitally recorded, transcribed and coded – along with responses to survey questions – into themes that reflected the most salient program characteristics and aspects of student learning. The themes were used to develop rating scales for our teacher surveys.

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