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Teaching Artist Spotlight: Hiromi Niizeki

Teaching Artist Spotlight: Hiromi Niizeki
Hiromi hails from Tokyo, Japan. There, she attended Musashino Art University and studied painting and art education. She started at Marquis Studios in 1998 and teaches visual arts such as sculpture, pop-up books, painting, and origami.

Inspiration: Everyday life. In a subway car. While swimming.

Favorite dessert: Green tea ice cream with sweet red bean and rice cake.

Hero: Freddie Mercury

Most underrated art material: Discarded chewing gum on the street.

What is your favorite color: Yellow for my nails. Red for my glasses.

Personal best quality: Patience

Advice to your 12-year-old self: Don’t worry, keep going! You will be fine!

Favorite animal to swim together: Sea turtle