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Teaching Artist Spotlight: Kyla McHale

Kyla grew up just outside NYC, spending time on the Hudson river and in the middle of the woods on a mountain.  She started at Marquis Studios in 2009 and teaches creative movement, creative dramatics, mime, and mask making.  She has an undergraduate degree in acting and performance studies from Muhlenberg College, and a Masters in Educational Theatre from NYU.  She studied mask making and puppetry with Peter Schumann, Ralph Lee, Deborah Hunt, and Michael Vogel.

Inspiration: Everywhere. I love to people watch and create back stories or think about what might happen to them next. I love to ask people to tell me stories of their history, or life. I am also always finding faces everywhere, in a rock, building, or a tree, which helps with my mask making. 

Favorite dessert: S’mores, because they always come with friends and campfires. 

Most underrated art material:  Cardboard! I have made backdrops, costumes, props, masks and puppets from it. 

Favorite color:  Green, particularly tealish greens 

Advice to your 12-year-old self:  Don’t second guess everything, just trust yourself.

Favorite show/performance/theater piece: It is too hard to pick one! I will narrow it down to some of my top favorite shows that stick with me:

HIS DARK MATERIALS at the National Theatre. That production had a brilliant blending of masks, puppetry, movement, and the stage was so cool!

SLEEP NO MORE:  I love sight specific pieces, physical theater  and Shakespeare! 

WAR HORSE:  Such a beautiful story and puppets!

I just saw NATASHA, PIERRE, AND THE GREAT COMET OF 1812, so it is on my mind.  Their use of narration is so cool and genius!