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Teaching Artist Spotlight: Mala Desai

Mala is from New Delhi, India.  Her basic training is in Indian classical and folk dance. She completed a NYFA Fellowship to develop skills in modern dance and ballet. Earlier this year, she began teaching Indian dance and creative movement at Marquis Studios.

Where do you find inspiration?  Dance is my prayer.  Dance centers me and gives me a purpose and focus in life.  In addition, I draw inspiration from my personal life-experience that makes me focus on a larger universal concept to present in dance.  Sometimes I have heard music that draws me in completely and I see myself dancing to it and I create a story line that is current for me.

Favorite dessert:  Ice cream

Hero:  My 2 sons

Favorite color?  The rainbow

Personal best quality:  Honesty

Advice to your 12-year-old self:  Just balance the day

Favorite object for dance?  Ghungroos (bells worn at the ankle)